Our skills 

You are experts in your trade, we are experts in ours  


Because you have no time to lose, our teams are available each day to respond to your problems as quicklyly as possible.

Thanks to its structure and significant industrial resources, AMPM first provides you with the skills and know-how of its professionals, whatever your line of business.

Involved and enthusiastic, they are available for each of your projects and support you throughout their completion.

You will benefit from their expertise, advice and, most importantly, from their experience!

Examination of specifications, part feasibility, supply management, production monitoring, compliance with delivery lead times.

At AMPM, we are able to manage a broad technical diversity and handle complex requests, in order to cover all your engineering needs.

You are assured that your project is managed seriously, in a trustworthy manner, with short response times.

And of course, for a high-quality result that meets your expectations and conforms to our commitments